(All odds listed in story come from Vegas Insider)

In the last two months, the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl betting odds have grown by 63%.

Following Drew Brees' retirement announcement on March 14th, the odds of the Saints winning Super Bowl 56 have gone from 22/1 to 35/1.

The gap from +2200 to +3500 closed steadily, with a slight change each week.

Sportsbooks aren't getting much play on the Saints as a Super Bowl Champion favorite, as they rank 17th out of the 32 teams for best Super Bowl odds.

Moving from +2200 to +3500 in the last two months tells me two things.

1. Bettors are not a fan of the team's offseason moves.

2. Bettors are anxious to see how different the team will look heading into a season with someone other than Drew Brees at quarterback.

It's hard to argue.

New Orleans is heading into new territory in 2021, and the sports handicappers are having difficulty in figuring out how to view a team that has won the NFC South the last 4 years but is replacing a ton of key players.

For the time being, a lack of action on the Saints is moving the number to greater odds.

Speaking of the NFC South, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are favored to win it at -175, while the Saints are next at +274, followed by the Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons who are both +700.

The current Super Bowl winner favorite is the Kansas City Chiefs at +450, followed by the Buccaneers at +700, then the Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, and Los Angeles Rams at +700.

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