THE GOOD—I really like the entrance to this place.  It looks like a baseball stadium.  And, the statue of “The Brat” pays respect to the namesake.  I love the outside walls which tell about the history of the program and the ball park.  And, the list of opposing players who have played here is a good tribute as well.  This program has a great history and they do a good job of letting you know about it.  Concessions are fine (they have french fries), beer is sold.  When the place was renovated in 2005, they had the forethought to have a club level for donors, which is great when the elements come into play.  And, they had the foresight to put in a separate booth for television inside their roomy press facility.  They added a deck in the outfield where fans can go and grill before the game.  Nice touch.  The wind blows out to left field a lot and makes it a hitter’s park.  And, take note of Steve Kittrell’s #3 on the wall in right field.  He made college baseball better.  When you walk in this place, you walk into the Sun Belt’s best tradition.

THE BAD—Not much.  I haven’t been there in a couple of years and don’t know if a video board has been added.  If not, they need one.  My biggest criticism of the place is there’s no covered seating.   It’s almost like they did the renovations and suddenly realized they were out of money.  It’s a big sticking point.  Oh, and as an aside, they might have the slowest elevator in America.

ANALYSIS—Louisiana and South Alabama have a rivalry unsurpassed in the league and as a result, I’ve always looked forward to going there because the games almost always mean something.  There’s a lot of tradition here and the fans know their baseball.  Everyone who is a baseball fan should visit this place.  Some great baseball has been played here.




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