Attention Saints fans: You can finally move on after the heartbreaking NFC Championship loss.

While the rest of the world woke up ready to see the Rams and Patriots face off in Super Bowl 53, the city of New Orleans and the Who Dat Nation were already one bloody mary into a day that would be filled with second lines, boycott concerts, and solidarity with their beloved Saints.

Throughout the day on social media, we saw massive crowds gathered for jazz funerals, impromptu Who Dat chants in the quarter, and a sold-out Boycott Bowl concert on Fulton Street—all for the Black & Gold. Not only did it feel like the Saints were part of the Super Bowl, but it also looked like we won it.

I can totally understand the "stop whining," "Saints have the worst fans," "get over it" crowd of critics that think the Saints and their fans should have just accepted the fact that they were screwed over two weeks ago.

But this is New Orleans, these are Saints fans, and we just handle things differently down here.

The best description of that may have come from The Advocate.

Mixing the ferocious loyalty of Saints fans with a tradition of satire and public spectacle well-honed from generations of Mardi Gras celebrations, the city put on a show that seemed to tap every walk of life.

What may be the most impressive thing about this 'Boycott Bowl' vibe is that the majority of what we saw unfold was a grass-roots effort led by fans. Literally, every walk of life marched, celebrated, and danced side by side while decked out in their best Black & Gold gameday gear. But, while the parties and the crowds were great, the result of the game was the perfect complimentary ending to a perfect day for Saints fans.

Oh, and while they were marching and dancing, they weren't watching as the Super Bowl only scored a 26.1 rating in New Orleans. That was the lowest of any market and the lowest-rated Super Bowl in New Orleans history.

To put things into perspective, the Super Bowl usually hits just above a 50 share in New Orleans based on a report by The Advocate. As far as the effect across the country, the ratings were the worst in a decade.

I think it's safe to say the Saints fans in New Orleans made their point.

The Rams performed terribly and were barely able to muster up three points in the lowest scoring Super Bowl of all time. Basically, what that boils down to is that LA proved they didn't deserve to be there and the NFL got a clunker of a game compared to the high-scoring offensive matchup they love to salivate over.

The internet definitely took notice (and didn't hold back.)

Even a few of the Saints players got into the mix.

But out of all of the mocking, eye-rolling, and satire, the award for best troll job definitely goes to the Times-Picayune.

So, Saints fans: Is this where we move on and move forward? I'm definitely not saying we will ever forget (because we won't) nor will we ever stop complaining (not a chance) but this is as good as it will get in the wake of the infamous non-call.

Onward, and upward. Bless you, boys. Who Dat for life!

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