Another Super Bowl is in the books.

Fans wanting good games certainly couldn't complain.  The San Francisco comeback made for some tense moments in final minutes yesterday.

On Bird's Eye View, we always have fun the day after the Super Bowl getting opinions from listeners on different things in and surrounding the game.

Here is the consensus of what was said on Monday's show.

1.  The power outage kept Baltimore from blowing the 49ers out.  We'll never know for sure, but several callers pointed to that extra half hour as the reason why the game got a lot closer.  That may be true...but I do know the 49ers had one heckuva second half comeback two weeks before against Atlanta.  So, I'm going to give Jim Harbaugh's team a little more credit than my listeners, who, let's face it, are Saints fans and didn't want the Niners to win anyway.

2.  The no call at the end of the game was a good one.  And, there are many across the country who would agree, including me.  I thought both players were pushing on that play and you either had to have a no call, or offsetting penalties.  I thought the no call was good as well.  Besides, I don't like the 49ers either.

3.  No one was neutral on Beyonce.  I have to say, traditionally, callers with an opinion on the halftime show are usually predictable according to generation.  Personally, my favorite halftime show of all time was Prince.  I though Madonna last year was a horrible disappointment.  Most of the criticism of Beyonce's performance had to do more with the raciness than the content.  Nobody on the show, however, said Beyonce was ugly.

4.  A big thumbs up to Alicia Keys.  If you're going to sing the National Anthem and stretch it out to two minutes and 36 seconds, you'd better do it really well.  The consensus was overwhelmingly positive to Keys' performance.  I'm not one on long anthems but this one was one of the best in Super Bowl history.  Besides, I think she's really hot.  This girl really is on fire.  (By the way, in comparison, Kelly Clarkson's anthem last year was just 90 seconds.)

5. One person had an issue with the officiating in the game.  No one else seemed to have an issue with it.  I personally thought the game was well officiated, although the guys in the striped shirts missed an obvious late hit out of bounds on the Ravens' Joe Flacco.

Tomorrow is one of my favorite shows of the year.  It's the day we talk about your favorite and least favorite Super Bowl commercials.  Tune in to ESPN1420 beginning at 2pm Tuesday.

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