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There's no question Drew Brees missed the mark with the current climate of the world when talking about kneeling or not kneeling for the flag with his initial comments to Yahoo Finance (Watch here).

Again, nothing wrong for what he stands for.

The immediate backlash was swift and harsh from media members to teammates, to fellow athletes, political pundits, and basically anyone with a Twitter account.

However, since then he's come out with several apologies after talking to his black teammates and friends to understand the error in his comments which included an Instagram video apology.

That was followed by him debunking President Trump's comments about how he shouldn't have apologized and a public statement made by Brittany Brees.

Brees' teammates have come out a publicly backed him and he and his wife's apologies but late last week the Super Bowl MVP had some thoughts of his own regarding the veteran QB's comments and subsequent apologies.

Kansas City Chiefs young gunslinger had this to say during a press conference according to John Sigler of Saintswire:

“Yeah, I’ve known Drew for a pretty long time just being from Texas, and I know that he’s a good person and he has a good heart. Obviously, his statement missed the point and missed what was going on in the world today and took away attention from the movement that was going on and the peaceful protesting that was going on,”

Mahomes continued by saying, “But I think you see with his actions afterward, and I believe with his actions moving forward, you will see the true person that he is, how much he cares about his community, and how much he cares about the people that he’s around. Time will tell, but I know that every interaction that I’ve had with him, he’s always showed me the utmost respect and I believe that his actions will show that as we continue to move forward.”

That's a great perspective from a young quarterback in this league choosing to see the good in someone because of their true nature instead of believing that his apologies were insincere.


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