The Buckeyes are winning all the way to the bank.

Ohio State is the most valuable college football team in the country, reports The Wall Street Journal that looks at an analysis of what "each team would be worth on the open market if sold like a professional sports franchise."

OSU, which has won eight national championships and had seven Heisman Trophy winners, is valued at $1.5 billion -- that's billion, with a B. And you thought getting tickets to their games was a lot of money.

The program headlines a list of bluebloods, with the top three each raking in more than a billion bucks. Five of the top 10 teams are also in the SEC, far and away the most of any conference.

10 Most Valuable College Football Teams

  1. Ohio State, $1.51 billion
  2. Texas, $1.24 billion
  3. Oklahoma, $1 billion
  4. Alabama, $930,000 million
  5. LSU, $911,927 million
  6. Michigan, $892,951 million
  7. Notre Dame, $856,938 million
  8. Georgia, $822,310 million
  9. Tennessee, $745,640 million
  10. Auburn, $724,191 million

Interestingly, as wealthy as Ohio State is, it would be the least valuable franchise in the NFL. The Buffalo Bills clock in as the lowest valued team, at $1.6 billion, reports Forbes.

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