Kay Adams grew up in Chicago as a hardcore Chicago Bears fan.

The 34-year old has quickly climbed the ladder in the world of sports broadcasting, working on multiple platforms.

Most notable is her current role as morning host on the critically acclaimed Good Morning Football (GMFB) on The NFL Network.

In recent years, she began to refer to the New Orleans Saints as her "adopted team".

Last week, she surprised many when saying he was rooting for the Saints to win their playoff game against her hometown Bears.

Her explanation gave her a little leniency with Chicago fans, as she explained her other favorite team (Saints) would be able to beat the Bears hated rival, the Green Bay Packers, later in the playoffs, while Chicago could not.

Even with that, it was telling that she publicly stated he was rooting for her "adopted team" over her hometown team.

Today on GMFB, Adams explained when and why she became a Saints fan.

"It takes a special team to get me to commit to anything, let's be honest." - Kay Adams

Is it true love, or just a long-term relationship?

For long-time Saints fans, they are well past commitment issues. They've been in it for the long haul.

Having said that, the Who Dat nation assuredly enjoys seeing a host of a national show on the NFL Network getting emotional while describing her love for the Saints.

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