Instead of sweeping their problems under the rug, the NFL is trying to use $10 million to address one of their biggest issues head-on.

Sexual abuse and domestic violence stories plague the NFL, and a lot of people remember the coverage of the Ray Rice case and the horrific details surrounding Greg Hardy's brutality. Recently, 10-year veteran Tarvaris Jackson pulled a loaded gun on his wife. The NFL isn’t running from the headlines or burying them, for once.

The $10 million will go to Raliance, the coalition between the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault and the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence, according to a report by USA TODAY Sports.

NFL Senior Vice President of Social Responsibility Anna Isaacson told USA TODAY Sports that they want to put the money in the hands of the right people, who know what to do with it.

“The coalition really believes they can end sexual violence in a generation and they've convinced the NFL that they can do it, and that's really huge and exciting and something that we're going to be watching closely and following for many years.” Isaacson said. “It’s important to us to be a collaborative partner, and not just being someone who writes a check and walks away. We wanted to be a partner that is interested in talking through these issues and seeing where the actual gaps are and the need we could fill."

Isaacson emphasized the NFL won’t direct the funding, and they’re leaving that to the experts. The money will be spread all around the country, in strategic fashion to get the message out properly.

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