Next season will be Tony Robichaux's 25th as the head coach of the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns baseball team.  Under Robichaux, the Cajuns have won six regular season Sun Belt titles and four Sun Belt Tournament titles.  They've made twelve NCAA Tournament appearances, four Super Regionals, hosted three NCAA Regionals and one Super Regional.  And, of course, they've made a trip to the College World Series.  In 24 seasons, the Cajuns have finished in the top three of the Sun Belt 18 times.

There have been many great players that have worn a Cajuns' uniform.  So, I decided to put together the all-time 25 man roster for Cajuns baseball.

I couldn't do it.

So, since the league uses 27 man rosters on the weekend, I decided to go that route.

I couldn't do it.

So, since the Cajuns have a 35-man roster, I decided to put one together.

And it's killing me to leave some guys off.

But I really can't justify going any farther.

So, I've put together the 35 guys for my team.

Before I unveil it, you should know these are not necessarily the 35 best players.  I put the roster together taking some things into consideration.

I have position players, but I also have utility guys who can play multiple positions (including pitching.)

In a case or two, defense mattered.  So did speed.

And, I chose to go with balance on the pitching staff.  My fifteen pitchers include eight right handers and seven lefties.  (I also have two utility guys who are left handed pitchers).  And I used both starters and relievers.  The starters are lefty-heavy, but, let's face it.  Most of the all time great starting pitchers for the Cajuns have thrown from the left side.

And, I excluded players who played prior to Robe becoming head coach.  That meant omitting guys like Oswaldo Aguirre and Cody Robbins, among others.

All of that made for some tough cuts.  In fact, I'll bet I could take a list of players who aren't on this team and put together a team that would make it to a regional.

So, with all that in mind, here is my 35-man roster.  Players in all  categories are listed in alphabetical order.

CATCHERS:  Jonathan Lucroy, Danny Massiatte, Michael Strentz--These three stand out above the others.

FIRST BASE  Ryan Gill (utility) Phillip Hawke, Justin Hemme, B. J. Ryan (utility), :  Hawke was a great all around first baseman who is the all-time leader in walks received.  Hemme is still the guy who hit the longest homers I've seen while covering the Cajuns.  And, while Ryan is known for his pitching, he played first base and the outfield for the Cajuns, too.  He was the MOP in the 1998 Conference Tournament with 12 RBI.  (Ryan, by the way, batted right handed.)

MIDDLE INFIELDERS--Jace Conrad, Chase Lambin, Ryan Gill (utility)  Blake Trahan,  I won't say these decisions were easy, but the contributions of these fellows do stand out.  Gill played both first base and second base for the Cajuns.

THIRD BASEMEN-, Dallas Morris, Nathan Nelson.  Nelson is probably the best leader the Cajuns have ever had.  And, he holds the school record for hits in a season.  Morris was a very good athlete with good power.

OUTFIELD--Caleb Adams, Kevin Cantrelle, John Coker, Corey Coles, Steven Feehan, , Dex Kjerstad.  I'm glad I don't have to narrow this down to three starters.  Coles also can be used in the bullpen.  Ryan could play OF as well.

DESIGNATED HITTER--Scott Hawkins, Chris Webb.  Hawkins is the all time HR leader in Cajuns history.  Webb only played one season but he's the single season RBI leader.

LEFT HANDED PITCHERS--Phil Devey, Justin Gabriel, Andy Gros, Gunner Leger, Hunter Moody, Trey Poland, Colten Schmidt  Ryan and Coles could pitch out of the pen.

RIGHT HANDED PITCHERS--Scott Dohmann, Danny Farquhar, Wyatt Marks, Dylan Moore, Zach Osborne, Alan Oschner, Austin Robichaux, Kraig Schambough.  A good mixture of starters and relievers.  I'll put that bullpen (along with Coles and Ryan) up against any.

So, that's my 35.  Yours may be different because your criteria may be a little different.  Feel free to let me know who you would add...but keep in mind, you'd have to subtract one for each one you add.

Have fun.  I did.



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