When the Louisiana Department of Athletics announced yesterday their agreement with Learfield for multi-media rights, most people immediately thought about radio broadcasts of Ragin' Cajuns athletic events.

But the agreement, which actually began January 1 (with exception of radio, which Townsquare Media controls until June 30), includes so much more.

The ten year, 14 million dollar guaranteed deal gives Learfield the rights to sell advertising to...well...just about everything.

The contract, obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (in part) states:

In addition to the guaranteed money (which starts at $1 million in the first year and escalates each year thereafter) the athletic department will get 50% of what is termed Adjusted Gross Revenue.  In the first year, that threshold is $1.8 million.  The AGR threshold goes up every year as well.

How is Learfield going to generate that revenue? Well, this is just a part of what they can sell:

Any television not already covered by the school or conference contracts with ESPN and the like.

Advertising of coaches' shows, both TV and Radio

Advertising on Video Boards at sporting events and LED Ribbons

Advertising in print game programs for football and basketball and flip cards for other sports.

Backs of game tickets

Media backdrops for interviews

On Field Logos

Future naming rights (although the RCAF will continue to identify potential big money donors).

Portable signage and sponsorships for men's and women's basketball, including rotating courtside billboards, team chairback sponsorships, goal standard advertising and the like.

Sponsorships in football games such as headsets, team benches, field goal nets, etc.

All digital media content on the athletics website.


The video boards (Bertrand at Reinhardt), (Johnston at Cajundome Blvd.)

Video commercials at sporting events that have a video board.

And, that's just the beginning.

Are you starting to get the drift?  Basically anything and everything that can be sponsored now belongs to Learfield.

There are exceptions, such as the athletic department contracts with Coca Cola, Adidas and Louisville Slugger.

Learfield will employ three full time people in the Lafayette market and is currently vetting candidates.  Their primary responsiblity will be to sell all of the above.

Radio is just a small part of what they do.



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