After a shortened, odd, fanless 2020 Major League Baseball season in which we saw 16 teams made the expanded playoffs and the NL adopted the designated hitter for the year.

After spending the year with the DH most of us who witnessed it, enjoyed it and it seemed like the players did as well. The universal DH gave more players an opportunity to actually play and it keeps pitchers out of the batter's box and the risk of injury lower.

MLB had been considering keeping the universal DH, something that has been debated back and forth for decades. The old-school baseball purists will tell you that the DH should only be in the American League and the more progressive baseball fan will tell you it's time to adapt and grow the game.

Major League Baseball submitted a proposal before the holidays to the MLB Players Association that would incorporate the DH but in turn, the MLB would get expanded playoffs. More money for NL players who would normally play less because they'd be on the bench and baseball makes more money adding more playoff teams.

However, the players association was apparently not thrilled with the proposed trade according to MLB Insider Jon Heyman.

I really do hope they can get together and figure something out but I'm not holding my breath based on how the negotiating went or didn't go so well as the league was trying to start things up during the pandemic.


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