Michael Jordan has been known in his older age to be more private than when he was actively playing in the NBA. Famously at one of his camps if he missed three shots then the whole camp would get free Jordans and he responded with "F**k them kids". Well, it seems that Jordan kept that same energy with some kids who asked him for a photo.

Some kids were looking for Lamelo Ball but came across Jordan where they asked for a picture and he said no. Granted I do understand that they came up filming and in today's culture, you might be trying to do something dumb to go viral. However, once he realized it wasn't that he should've given the kids the picture.

Jordan has been known for his stand-off attitude for years. Rapper Chamillionaire stated that Jordan declined his picture but in the most disrespectful way possible. One that I just can't use the language that was said but it was rough. Even though Jordan may be the GOAT he's nowhere near as personable as Lebron James.



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