The college football coaching carrousel has now paired another coach and university. Finally, LSU makes their hire. According to Pete Thamel LSU is expected to hire the Notre Dame Coach and make an announcement tomorrow.

This news came as quite a shock. I would've never guessed that LSU would hire the 60-year-old coach. I'm not quite sold on this pick. Kelly is a good coach who has taken Notre Dame to multiple college football playoffs. In 2016 he went 4-8 and ever since then he has had multiple 10+ win seasons. And mind you that's with recruits that aren't at the level of LSU. So the coaching pedigree is there; however, there's more to coaching than just X's & O's. I'm just not sure Brian Kelly fits the LSU culture and swagger. Also, can he recruit in the south being that he has never done that before? Those are all questions that make me concerned about Kelly. But if Kelly can figure out the things around coaching in the south then I do believe he can be successful.

Scott Woodward promised that he was big game hunting and he did get kind of a big fish. Brian Kelly is a winning coach but is he the sexy name, I can't say that. But is he a good coach? His track record shows he is a winner wherever he goes. But can he handle the pressure of playing in the SEC and recruiting in the south? Time will tell, but LSU now has their new head football coach.

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