This is so good.

While many are looking for their best Halloween costume for the upcoming festivities, one kid decided to dress up at Joe Burrow.

Recently, Joe Burrow showed up in Louisiana to play the New Orleans Saints while wearing Ja'Marr Chase's LSU jersey and this kid took note of it.

Not only does this kid have blonde hair, that resembles Burrow's, but he also went as far as to put his own ear pods in like Burrow, as he entered the Superdome in New Orleans.

I certainly see the resemblance here and I love it. I ask, is this kid or his parents a fan of the LSU Tigers? I'd bet the house that they are.

Check out this adorable "costume" and yes, I am ready to crown this kid the winner of any Halloween costume contest for kids.

Here's the moment Joe Burrow showed back up in Louisiana to play the Saints, who they defeated 30-26.


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