Almost a week ago Charles Barkley made some polarizing but true comments about Zion Williamson and his weight. Now Kenny "The Jet" Smith has weighed in on the New Orleans Pelicans all-star.

Kenny Smith was in LAX when he spoke with TMZ Sports on the Pelicans all-star. Smith said, "every player in their career... they're going to get hurt at some point if you have a long career, in that time, you gotta figure out how to stay in shape and stay into a basketball body."

Kenny Smith however does believe that Zion will figure out how to manage his body. He also added, "The easiest part is he'll figure out how to eat less. It's not hard when it's your profession. He puts the hours in to become a great basketball player. He'll figure out those hours he needs to keep his body right. It's not hard, just eat less."

(You can watch the video where Kenny Smith gives his thoughts on Zion here: )

Now is it as simple as "it's not hard, just eat less"? That I'm not sure of. I think Zion Williamson is used to performing at a high level his whole life no matter his weight. And I feel that confidence in his body is his Achilles heel at the moment. Zion needs to become a professional and realize that at this level you must put more work into your body than ever before. Remember it is reported that Lebron James puts in at least a million dollars into his body each season. Now I'm not saying that Williamson should jump to putting a million dollars a year into his body; however, I am saying that he needs to take his body more seriously. Zion if you want to have the legacy that you and your family say you want then you must treat this with more professionalism, control your weight, and listen to the medical professionals of the Pelicans. Who mind you is one of the best training staff in the league led by Aaron Nelson who revitalized Shaq's career in Phoenix.

I truly believe that Zion will figure things out. The question then becomes, will it be this year? The Pelicans need to start winning soon so they can stay in contention for a play in appearance. And the faster Williamson can get back on the floor, the faster the Pelicans wins can start pouring in.

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