Pelicans forward Zion Williamson had one hell of a week after having his personal life allegedly exposed. Well, that didn't stop Williamson from going out into Jefferson Parish to help the kids of said Parish.

Zion Williamson and his charity the Zion Foundation recently partnered with the Jefferson Parish school system. Williamson donated $250,000 dollars to the school system to help with uniform costs for the kids of the parish.

Zion Williamson, his stepfather Lee Anderson, and Dr. James Gray all spoke at the event. Williamson stated how camps like these helped change his life and without said camps, he doesn't know where he would've ended up. Williamson's goal with his charity is also to host camps for the kids of Jefferson Parish. Dr. Gray went on to champion Williamson and his family stating that you can see the love that Williamson and his family have for Louisiana due to the amount of change and help they have given to the parish in such a short amount of time. And it is true Williamson has shown a lot of love to the citizens of Louisiana even when they have constantly put Williamson down. And finally, Williamson's stepfather spoke to the crowd and he had a lot to say. First, he stated that he wants to come together to stop the murder that's going on in our city and he reiterated this is our city as well because we fully embrace New Orleans. And that it's not just Zion but the whole Williamson family that wants to be here in New Orleans. He ended his speech by saying that he stands behind his son fully and “believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear.”. All three men gave speeches that really helped lighten the blow of the recent events.

Whether people believe that this was genuine by Zion Williamson or not it doesn't matter. It is amazing to see this young man persevere through all the rumors and gossip. Now what's next for Williamson is to get back on the court and dominate the NBA.

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