The New Orleans Pelicans have become one of the most polarizing franchises in the NBA today. Some fans and media members think the team should relocate because "Zion doesn't want to be here" while other fans think the Pelicans can contend in this upcoming season. Both reactions show why this team is extremely polarizing.

One of the Pelicans' biggest critics this past season was ESPN NBA analyst and former NBA player Kendrick Perkins. While the Pelicans were losing Perkins said that Mrs. Benson should sell the team and the Pelicans should relocate to a different city like Seattle or Las Vegas.

Fast forward to the Pelicans making the playoffs and Big Perk still wasn't a believer. He joined a Pelicans' twitter spaces(which is basically a giant audio chat room) where he discussed how Zion Williamson wouldn't sign an extension and if Williamson did sign the extension then he would apologize for all of the Pelicans slander he spewed, as well as donate some money to a local New Orleans church or school. Well, ladies and gentlemen, Zion Williamson signed his extension to be on this team for the next 5 years. Now the ball was in Perkins court as Pelicans fans reminded him of the bet he made. And Big Perk came through and apologized to the Pelicans, David Griffin, the rest of the organization, the city of New Orleans, and the state of Louisiana on national television.

I respect Perk for maintaining his word. My grandpa(RIP) used to always tell me that in this life all we have is our word, and your word is bond. Meaning once you say something you have to follow through and Perk did exactly that with his apology. All that is left is the donation which I believe he will accomplish.

The Pelicans made the world do a complete 180 after the playoff series against the Suns. The Pels pushed the former finals team to 6 games. A team that started the season 3-16 pushed a finals team to 6 games. Now with Zion fully healthy, the former rookies (Jose Alvarado, Herb Jones, and Trey Murphy III) with more experience, CJ getting an offseason with the guys, and just all-around more development across the board this team will be a contender. I cant wait to see Perk and the rest of the media's response when the Pels take the next step.


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