The legend of Joe Burrow continues to grow by the day. The honorary Louisianian goes by many names like Joe Sheisty, Joe Cool, Joe Burreaux, Joe Brrr, and many others. Well, now let's add King Of The North to the list.

In his postgame press conference after the Bills game Sunday and on Instagram Joe Burrow let the fans know his love for the HBO show Game Of Thrones is real.

I love that Burrow called himself Jon Snow after the main character from Game Of Thrones. Snow was the King Of The North in the show and in real life Burrow is said, King. In the AFC North, the Bengals have claimed the top spot for a second year in a row and Burrow is the second-best quarterback in football behind Patrick Mahomes. Some would he is the best, Well, no matter where you rank him, one thing is for sure and that is that Joe Burrow is the King Of The North.

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