Well look at this, the national media has finally had enough of Zion Williamson's nonsense. Today former Pelican and teammate of Williamson, JJ Redick called him out over his unprofessionalism shown this season on ESPN's First Take.

This all began after CJ McCollum during All-Star Weekend said he hadn't spoken to Zion yet just people who are close to Williamson.

McCollum who is the president of the NBA Players Association and friend of JJ Redick is who triggered these comments from Redick. Redick called Williamson a detached teammate from his experiences on the team. And I 100% believe that, especially after you combine that info with how he didn't want to meet with Brandon Ingram and the team this summer for team meetings.

He then goes on to question Williamson's professionalism and just decency as a human being. For Williamson not to text a new teammate, let alone a top 50 guy in the NBA is flat-out disrespectful. This is a completely different situation than the Anthony Davis situation. As much as I give Davis heat for leaving, the Pelicans failed him. But the organization learned from that. They arguably have the best training and medical staff in the league and one of the best rosters in the league. Williamson has everything he needs to win but he isn't even giving the team a chance.

From rumored missing rehab dates and meetings with the team to detaching himself from the team and ultimately to not speaking once during this whole ordeal paints Williamson frankly as a child who is immature and upset that he didn't get his way. And by his way, I mean drafted by the Knicks. The funny thing however is that the Pelicans are in a better position to win now and long term more than the Knicks.

The final thing Redick touches on is that the team didn't include him in their ticket package letter for next season. That is extremely odd due to the fact Williamson is a big draw for ticket sales right now.

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I know that people will blame "the player empowerment" era for this action. However, Lebron James, Kevin Durant, James Harden, and even Ben Simmons never did anything like this. They at least gave their respective teams a shot at building something around them. If all players were like this then Devin Booker, Trae Young, and Giannis Antetokounmpo would've left their teams years ago. This is a Zion Williamson thing and a Williamson thing alone. He needs to stop listening to his parents about his basketball career and grow up. This is worse than many of the helicopter parents we have seen in sports. Lavar Ball was never this bad.

Again for JJ Redick to speak out on this says a lot. Redick and Williamson share their Duke brotherhood. He has beef with David Griffin and we know about his comments on the organization from last year. So you wouldn't expect him of all people to come out and say something. However, the team really did change things such as: getting a great coach in Willie Green to adding Jonas Valanciunas, Devonte Graham, and CJ McCollum to adding new coaches the team is really trying to build something special. But I believe Redick spoke out to help his other Duke brothers Brandon Ingram and more specifically GM Trajan Langdon. We have to remember that Langdon and Redick have a really close relationship. And I truly believe that the relationship is why Redick spoke out on top of everything else I mentioned.

How will the Pelicans respond to today's media typhoon? WIll Zion speak out on the situation? We will have to wait and see. However JJ Redick is now back allowed in New Orleans, we forgive you for your comments on the team last year.

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