We are all extremely busy these days. Schedules are tough to keep track of. Work meetings, kids travel teams, dinner with friends, etc, etc, etc. Feels like days roll into one another and we can’t keep track of what is what.

Even I can double-book guests on my radio show. Not exactly an easy conversation.

Apparently, State Farm Arena in Atlanta lost track of things, didn’t look ahead or didn’t have faith in the Atlanta Hawks. Turns out the Arena is slated to host Game 6 of the Hawks & Boston Celtics series AND a Janet Jackson concert on Thursday, April 27th.

Such a dilemma. Imagine that conversation…

Arena - Uh…Janet…Miss Jackson…we seem to have a situation.

Janet - What’s that?

Arena - Because Trae Young hit a 30ft shot and the Hawks erased a double-digit deficit in the 4th quarter, there will be a Game 6 on Thursday night.

Janet - Who is Trae Young and the Hawks?

Arena - Trae plays basketball for the Atlanta Hawks.

Janet - Ok…

Arena - So…Game 6 is the same night as your concert here in Atlanta.

Janet - …and…

Arena - If it’s at all possible, would you mind moving the show to Friday night?

Janet - OK, I’ll need more money and any refunds come from your cut.

Arena - Deal and we sincerely apologize.

I’m guessing that’s basically what happened because the Arena was able to move the concert to the next night, Friday, April 28th. Refunds will be given for those who can’t make it. At the very least, fans were given about a 36-hour notice. Slightly more than Morgan Wallen.

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