New Orleans Saints quarterback Jameis Winston is one of a kind.

A quarterback with immense talent, who can create unimaginable plays on the good and bad side of the spectrum.

His personality is as funny as it is endearing, according to his former teammates from college, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as well as his current locker room in New Orleans.

Winston had social media buzzing as he responded to linebacker DeMario Davis's pregame speech the only way Jameis knows how.

To no one's surprise, Davis loved it.

So did social media.

A touchdown throw by Winston also created a meme of Sean Payton.

With a 7-0 lead late in the first half, the Saints faced a third and goal from the 7-yard line. Winston got wrapped up by a defender, attempted to throw the ball away, but didn't throw it far enough, as it was caught by Marques Callaway.

Payton preached all week leading up to the game against the Patriots on winning the turnover battle. Although the play worked out, Payton's reaction was anything but celebratory.

What did Payton tell Winston? How did Winston respond?

Jameis and the Saints (2-1) are back in New Orleans after being away for over a month due to Hurricane Ida.

Their first true home opener is scheduled for this Sunday at noon at the Caesar's Superdome against the New York Giants (0-3).

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