I hate moving.  I hate packing, looking for a new place, deposits, rents, and then unpacking.  

All of it.  

It never ends. Or it takes a long time before it does.

Although the ball had been rolling for some time, I officially agreed to take the job with Townsquare & 103.3 The Goat on Wednesday, March 22.  When I hit the on-line moving quote request, I may have gotten 2 or 3 calls.  Back in 2019 when I moved from Lafayette to Mobile, if memory serves, at least a half dozen companies called me in about five minutes.

Finding a place to live wasn’t any easier.  I reached out to more than a handful of places via Zillow and Craigslist, but it took more than a few days to hear back.  If I ever did.  


And sometimes the big apartment complexes here in town would be automated email responses.  I wasn’t sure if I was communicating with the complex locally or in California.  

I felt defeated when I didn’t see any places on the first day in town.  The second day was much more fruitful.  I was surprised at the place I liked but needed high-speed internet to upload videos for work.  At first, I was told LUS or AT&T wasn’t available at this specific address, but I called back and LUS was able to hook up to my apartment.

The best part or maybe the worst part is when I decided on the place I wanted.  I should’ve taken care of all of that while I was in Lafayette.  Instead, I went back to Mobile to sleep on it.  Big mistake.


I finally picked a moving company that was going to do it all in one day.  And I wanted the full service treatment.  They can do the packing and heavy lifting.  Still, I packed up what I thought was a lot (it wasn’t).  But even if they showed up at 8A and were fast, finishing by Noon, we’d still be rolling the dice arriving in Lafayette before 5P to pick up the keys to my new place.  What are the chances of not traffic on I-10 between Mobile and Lafayette?


Just to make sure, I made the round trip from Mobile to Lafayette on the day before.  Surprisingly, I didn’t make one pit stop either way.  A bit shocking.

The loading of the truck was relatively smooth.  Although it did slow down about 2 hours into the move.  Probably because they were getting paid based on time, but oh well.  The company I used was much more affordable than other quotes I received.

Now comes the unloading of the truck and the unpacking.  The unloading took 1.5 hrs.  The unpacking has lasted more than two weeks and will probably never end.

I just purchased a huge bookshelf for my books and bourbon. I unpacked and then threw out at least 20 boxes, clearing up loads of space in my 2 bedroom apartment.


I still have five to eight more boxes to unpack and who knows when or if I’ll ever get to them.

Is there anything worse than moving? Outside of health issues?

Maybe buying a car.  These days, that just takes time

I’ve never bought house, but I’m saving up.  

Next year, I’ll let you know if buying a house is worse than moving.  

Of course, I’ll have to move again.

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