Louisiana’s unemployment rate hit an all-time on Tuesday, registering in at just 3.3%. Is that too low and making it difficult for employers to find new employees?

Dr. Jim Richardson, LSU Economics professor told WWL that even giving more money and benefits, doesn’t necessarily help.

“Offer higher pay, better benefits or something like that, or perhaps more long term security or something of that nature,” can be helpful in finding new employees. “But if everybody does that, it doesn’t work,” Richardson said.

Last week, property developer and CEO Tim Gurner suggested unemployment is too low and needs to go up 40-50%

A couple things should be noted, Gurner did apologize for him comments on his LinkedIn page.  But his LinkedIn account has since been deleted.

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Private education, health services, construction and government industries have seen the largest gains for seasonally-adjusted jobs over the last year.

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