There's a saying among athletes and musicians, that athletes want to be artists and artists want to be athletes. And just how your favorite artists look terrible on a basketball court or football field, see Drake. Your favorite athletes sound horrible behind the microphone.

Right now the dance of the year seems to be Antonio Brown's "Put That S**T On Dance". The only problem is that the song is terrible. You can even see some athletes doing the dance in jest. Like Mark Ingram for the Saints; however, he isn't dancing to Brown's song. So many people have done the dance that it has picked up steam. This is a problem because now Antonio Brown will think we want more raps. However, it's quite the opposite ALL ATHLETES NEED TO STOP RAPPING.

Look I understand that everyone who enjoys rap has tried rapping. The difference is that some of these athletes think they can actually rap. There's only one athlete who can rap and that's Damian Lillard. Lillard is actually talented. But that doesn't make up for the hundreds of athletes who tried rapping and failed. Whether that's Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Metta World Peace, Roy Jones Jr., the late great(not at rapping) Kobe Bryant, Macho Man Randy Savage, Mike Stud, Marcus Stroman, and Shaq to name a few.

If you listen to any of those songs and think man they are talented at rapping, you might need your ears checked. It is 2022 and the trend of athletes' rapping has not stopped. It is continued by the younger generation of athletes whether Marvin Bagley III or Lonzo Ball the trend has continued. And quite frankly it needs to stop. Look I'm not saying don't have fun and make music. I'm just saying it shouldn't be presented as a career like the majority of athletes do. And when it is presented to us that way it's just bad for all parties involved.

Going forward I think it's in the athletes' best interest and ours the fans if we are just upfront and honest with these athletes. I get we don't want to hurt our favorites' feelings; however, if we stop the madness now we can save a lot of athletes money from spending on studio time and save our ears from listening to that nonsense.

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