Robert Meachum ran away from a lot of defenders in the NFL, now he's running from responsibility.

The former Saints wide receiver that helped them win a Super Bowl was thrown in jail for 30-days after being sentenced on Monday for failing to pay $388,019 in child support, according to a report by The Advocate.

The judge in the case ruled that in order for Meachum to get out, he needs to pay his ex-wife Andrea Rhodes at least $100,000 to help take care of his two children. To be even more accurate, Meachum already paid $200,000 to cover child support and alimony...but he owed $588,000.

This situation goes all the back to 2014, which means Meachum had a long time to make things right. He alleged that his money was mismanaged by several different parties, but the court didn't offer him any leniency for his financial negligence.

Meachum made millions of dollars in his NFL career, including a $14 million contract he signed with the San Diego Chargers after playing for the Saints. The Chargers ended up cutting Meachum loose early on in his contract, due to disappointing returns on the field, but he still cashed in a major payday in San Diego and collected a lot of cash in the NFL.

This is an ugly situation for everyone involved. His ex-wife is trying to take care of two children, and Meachum finds himself behind bars. Without an NFL paycheck coming in and Meachum clearly struggling financially, it's hard to believe he will ever come up with the money he owes.

You can run away from a defender on a jailbreak screen, but there's no running from this.

(from Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office)
(from Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office)


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