Frank Gore will go down as one of the top running backs in the modern era and will forever be in the hearts of 49ers fans. The five-time Pro Bowler played for 16 seasons for five different teams and helped lead the 2012 49ers team to a Super Bowl appearance against the Ravens.

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During his 16-year stent in the NFL, Gore racked up 16,000 rushing yards with 484 touchdowns and added an additional 3,985 receiving yards with 100 touchdowns. The former NFL star has found himself in the spotlight again, but not for the reason he wants.

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Gore was involved in a domestic violence incident last month and had been waiting to see if any charges were going to be handed down. The decision on the charges was given earlier today.

Reports say that New Jersey police were called to a hotel in Tropicana Atlantic City in regard to a domestic violence dispute involving an unidentified 28-year-old woman. No complaints were filed at the time, but police would launch an investigation shortly after.

Gore has been charged with simple assault “related to the domestic violence incident” and is set to appear in court in mid-October. No further details related to the allegation have been released at this time.

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