NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus has a reputation of a celebrity sleazeball who is disliked by many in his line of work, and around the football world. On the other side of the coin are his players. The majority of his clients have praised his work ethic, lauding him for his ability to get more money into their bank account. However, that could begin to change with the recent story of Rosenhaus costing some of his clients millions in a shady casino investment. How many millions? Try $43.6 million.

Rand Getlin and Jason Cole of Yahoo! sports put together an investigative story that reveals 18 of Rosenhaus' players, including the likes of Terrell OwensFred Taylor, Frank Gore, Plaxico Burress, and Edgerrin James, lost large chunks of change due to Rosenahaus' shady investment opportunity.

Click here to read the entire story from Getlin and Cole.


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