Pat McAfee spent his entire eight year career with the Indianapolis Colts. He returned in an old man disguise to kick field goals for cancer research.

I gotta say, his old man walk and talk is pretty spot on. Even his first kick attempt looked legit. But then I'm guessing that the fans knew something was up after his first made field goal.

If he made one from each line leading up to 40 yards, $70,000 would go to cancer research.

While McAfee was a punter, it's pretty easy to say that he was able to drill at least one from every yard that the balls were lined up.

After he was done kicking field goals, a sideline reporter caught up to him. That's when you're able to hear the 31-year-old's old man voice. That was until he takes the mask off to reveal himself to applause as the fans finally recognize him.

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