The Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns have plenty of outfielders as the 2017 season begins.

That doesn't mean they don't have questions.

The one answer the coaching staff is looking for is the guy who says "Look at me.  I can be...CENTERFIELD."

The Cajuns have said goodbye to Kyle Clement, (.353-4-25) who led the team in hitting a season ago despite missing a month with an injury.  But more importantly, Clement turned himself into a solid center fielder who played errorless baseball last season.

The Cajuns outfield, like the infield has interchangeable parts.  Junior college transfer Tyler Stover, freshman Todd Lott, seniors Steven Sensley and Ishmael Edwards and junior Kennon Fontenot can all play out there.  There's only one problem:  all of them are corner outfielders.  Ditto freshman Tremaine Spears.  The Pineville product could get caught up in a numbers game this year.  But remember the name.

Senior Joe Robbins has shown he can handle that position.  But Robbins is also a valuable commodity at third base and it shouldn't be expected he'll be in the outfield every day.

Teurlings Catholic product Zach Lafleur is a very good defensive outfielder but there's a question about the LSU-Eunice transfer's ability to make the immediate transition to Division I pitching.  Junior Jam Williams has improved as a defensive outfielder and can handle the position defensively as well.  But his bat is still a question mark.

But there's another possibility.

Enter Logan Stoelke.

Yes, THAT Logan Stoelke.

The junior has been a reliever the past two seasons for the Cajuns, but threw only 4.1 innings a season ago.  He worked in the outfield in the fall and led the team in hitting.  And, the coaching staff has been impressed this spring with his ability to handle the bat as well as his defensive prowess.  Stoelke is one of the team's best pure athletes.  All of the potential center fielders can run.

It's likely one of the corner outfielders, along with IF Brenn Conrad, will spend some time as the DH.

There were questions last season about the CF position.  Clement answered those questions.  Now, the Cajuns look for another answer.

My guess is they'll find it sooner rather than later.


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