Majority of Americans will tell that Sunday is their favorite day of the week because they can sit down and watch football all day long. Basic cable on satellite TV packages gave fans only two options when it comes to games you are able to see. The first option is whatever local or in-state team is playing that day and the other option is normally the game that is closest to you or the game that is considered the matchup of the week. This changed when the NFL introduced NFL Sunday Ticket back in 1994. Direct TV acquired the rights to Sunday Ticket which allowed fans to watch every single game regardless of the market that they were in. This allowed fans whose favorite team was out of state or across the country to catch their games.

Back in July, it was announced that Direct TV was no longer going to carry the rights for Sunday Ticket after the 2022 season. This caused mixed reactions among the NFL fan base. Fans who had Direct TV were worried they were upset they were going to have to pay for a streaming service in order to get out-of-market games, while fans without Direct TV were excited to have a chance to purchase Sunday Ticket without getting cable. It was said that apple was looking like the front-runner for the rights to Sunday Ticket, but it was reported that they dropped out of the race earlier this week. New reports have surfaced stating that a deal is currently being worked out with a familiar streaming service.

The Sunday Ticket package will be available on Youtube TV and Youtube Premium channels when the deal is done. It is said that the price for Sunday Ticket will likely be around the same that Direct TV charges for it now. The current price for 2022 is $294 for an entire season. Youtube is reportedly shelling out some big bucks in order to get this deal done.

NFL fans took to Twitter to express how they feel about the news, and the reactions were mixed.

As someone who pays for Direct TV already, there won't be much of a change when it comes to price. Direct TV customers already had to pay a separate charge in order to get the package, so paying the same price for different a platform doesn't change anything financially. Some people do have concerns when it comes to quality considering not everyone has access to fast internet speeds. I guess all we can do is wait and see how this turns out.

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