We all dream as kids of one day getting the opportunity to play pro football, to run out of that tunnel on Monday night to tens of thousands of fans cheering you on.

Turns out, all you have to do to achieve that in Philly is get SUPER DRUNK and lose all sense of inhibition.

This dude ran out of the tunnel like an overly excited assistant coach. Even Eagles players were so shocked, they didn't know what to do.

And then that random person with the nerve to shout out "you're in trouble now!"


Look, this dude is probably blitzed 6 ways from Sunday and pumped up on so much adrenaline that if he spiked a cheesesteak into the ground, it would've disintegrated into its core molecules.

He does not care if he has to spend a night in a cush police station cell in exchange for this experience.

To be honest, I don't know many people who wouldn't make that trade. I certainly would. A $500 bail for a story I could tell for the rest of my life?

Easy. I mean look at this.

Does this look like a dude that has regrets?

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Honestly, this is just proof that Philadelphia sports fans have it way too good this year. The Phillies are in the postseason, the Eagles are undefeated, the Sixers look great (yeah I'm watching basketball, what of it?), and the Flyers are gonna play hockey at some point probably.

I can't blame this guy for feeling like he's maybe entitled to some membership on this team. Philadelphia sports fans get plenty of deserved bad press for being jerks, but they're nothing if not passionate about their teams.

In this case, I think this guy might be the biggest Football Guy to ever Football and should be rewarded for making it as far as he did

I hope this guy appreciates CJ Gardner-Johnson, because by God I miss him.

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