If you are in sports media, it pretty much goes without saying that you don’t want to wish injury on a player under any condition whether you are joking or not. One radio host out of Dallas is finding himself in a bit of hot water this week as he went on to do just that. Bryan Broaddus, who works as a radio host for “GBag Nation,” had this to say about Christian McCaffery earlier this week.

Not too long after this hit the airwaves, the audio began circulating on social and many fans were not too pleased with what they heard. Broaddus began receiving criticism from fans across the nation, but others have also come to his defense

Brian Broaddus would later take to Twitter to confront some of his critics saying that McCaffery has a history of getting injured and that he would never wish an injury on anyone.

He later responded once again but this time it was with an apology. Broaddus said it was not his intent to wish harm on a player and that he hopes it is a great game.

Now to Brian Broaddus’ credit, McCaffery has struggled with injuries that kept him sidelined for most of the 2020 and 2021 seasons. Since being traded to the 49ers, he has remained healthy and has been an x-factor for this team. While I don’t believe it was the radio host’s intent to wish injury on a player, I do believe as members of the media we have to watch what we say or articulate it clearly.

This does lead us to an interesting conversation. Media outlets have been known to dig up anything in order to give their teams bulletin board material, but at what point is it too much? In my opinion, there is a huge difference between a radio host joking about injury and what took place in Bounty Gate. With that said, I do believe members of the media need to be aware of everything they say these days, especially with what just took place with Damar Hamlin.


What do you think about the situation? Did Bryan Broaddus cross a line or is San Fran just looking for fuel?

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