When the Saints hired Dennis Allen as their head coach the hope was that the transition from Sean Payton to Allen would be seamless. However, it has been the furthest thing from that.

Between Allen and offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael the Saints have been undisciplined and just unmotivated. The play calling hasn't been up to par either both defensively and offensively. So we asked you should either be fired or not on both Twitter and Facebook.


On Twitter, the results showed that 56% of you said it is too early to fire them. However, 28% of you said to fire both of them.

On Facebook, we received mixed responses. Some said to fire both. But some said not right now due to it being the middle of the season. The blame seems to be placed on injuries, turnovers on offense, and lack of turnovers on defense. However to those last two points but specifically on the turnovers on defense, the defensive play calling has been abysmal.

The feel from both Twitter and Facebook though is a belief that if we were healthy maybe things would be different. However, I would counter that the defensive worries would still be there because we aren't getting pressure on opposing quarterbacks and the secondary has been horrible. And it is hard to buy into a coach who appears to not be able to motivate his team. For your coach at halftime in a losing effort to act nonchalant is just concerning.

Then to give the team time off in a losing effort doesn't give me confidence in this coaching room either. But it's more than that. It's almost as if the players do not respect Allen as they did Sean Payton. For example, Jarvis Landry was injured and went to Disney World instead of being at the Seahawks game. He was at Disney World that day instead of being with the team. That is something that wouldn't have happened with Sean Payton.

Dennis Allen and Pete Carmichael will probably be able to finish the season out as coaches. But if this mediocrity continues then changes will need to be made.

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