Chris Charpentier is nearing the end of his career with the Ragin' Cajuns, so he's making sure to soak up every moment in his senior season.

Charpentier made appearances in 37 games in his first three years with Louisiana, and he's quietly one of the most consistent pitchers in a lot of different roles for Head Coach Tony Robichaux. He started games, came out of the bullpen and did everything asked of him for the team.

He's a humble, soft spoken guy, and he's just thankful he has the opportunity to be part of something so special.

"It's really been an amazing four years, coming in in 2014 with one of the best teams, just continuing the success has been like a storybook," Charpentier said.

Fellow pitchers like Hogan Harris say Charpentier is one of the quiet leaders on the team. He might not say much, but his work ethic and devotion to the program set a solid example for the rest of them to follow.

He has grown up in front of Cajun fans' eyes, and he matured a lot off the field too. Coach Robichaux always prides himself on teaching his players life lessons for them to hold onto after their playing days are over, and Charpentier is a shining example of the character he tries to build.

"It's crazy how much you grow under the leadership of Coach Robe, in four years you just learn so much," Charpentier said.

Heading into his final season with Coach Robe, Charpentier is trying to pitch like a seasoned veteran out of the bullpen.

Charpentier will most likely come on in middle relief for the majority of his appearances this season, which means he will have to calm things down when the situation gets dicey. For that reason, he's trying to make sure he doesn't give out many free passes.

He worked on his precision and control this offseason, and his goal was simple.

"Mainly, coming in and cutting down walks and just getting ahead of everybody," Charpentier said.

He had 57 strikeouts and only 28 walks in his first three years on the mound, so if he can improve that ratio even more he will be a dangerous weapon for Coach Robe to call on.

Charpentier is part of an incredibly deep pitching staff, and his versatility is a real asset. He thinks a lot of different guys can fit different roles, which gives Coach Robe a lot of options on the mound.

"We really don't have any weaknesses, so we can roll anybody out there at any time and everybody would have confidence in them," Charpentier said.

After spending some time with Charpentier, you start to understand why a lot of other players on the team rely on his senior leadership. Watch our full interview with him to hear his thoughts about playing in Russo Park, who impressed him at the plate in practice and his approach to his final year on the mound for the Ragin' Cajuns.

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