Across the different sports and sporting leagues, there is one thing that crossovers them all, and it's something they all share. What every sport and sporting league share is trash talk.

In the NFL we have seen numerous trash talkers and not all of them have been great at it. However, the ones who are good at it really made a difference in the game. From Deion Sanders to Steve Smith to Richard Sherman just to name some of the legends. Now in the game today you can either look to Jalen Ramsey, head coach Bill Belichick, or Saints defensive back Chauncey Gardner Johnson.

Chauncey Gardner Johnson really knows how to get under the opposing player's skin. From tapping opponents' rear end to talking about how bad their game is, or flat out just being annoying. However this off-season Johnson took it to a new level.

Chauncey Gardner Johnson was holding a football camp in New Orleans yesterday. At the camp, Johnson took his pettiness to an all-time high. He was conducting tackling drills, and in said drills, there is a tackling dummy that Johnson placed a Tom Brady jersey on.

Whenever there is an opportunity for Gardner-Johnson to troll or talk trash an opposing player he will take it, especially Tom Brady. It doesn't matter whether it's the offseason or not. Although this isn't the first time Johnson and Brady had beef. After a pass last year that Brady threw that Johnson intercepted, Brady went on a tirade and broke his tablet. Well you know Johnson had to comment on it!

So this feud between Johnson and Brady will continue into this upcoming season. Thus making the instances that the Saints play the Buccaneers even more hostile and heated. Because there's no doubt in my mind that Brady will remember this, he doesn't forget anything. That should just make fans even more excited for the inevitable battle this upcoming season.

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