The Pelicans season has not started out quite like the organization would've liked, especially after hiring a new coach in Willie Green. Zion Williamson came into the season injured. He fractured his foot in the offseason and during media day David Griffin flat out butchered telling the fan base about said injury, At first Zion was supposed to be ready for opening day and we are 7 games into the season and no Zion. Well during halftime of the Pelicans Suns game on TNT, Charles Barkley gave Zion Williamson some hard truths he needed to hear.

Chuck jokingly at first said that "Zion looks like Shaq and I just had a baby". He then got serious and basically said how someone in the Pelicans organization needs to tell Zion to get his weight under control.

If anyone knows what Zion Williamson is going through, it is Charles Barkley. And look let us be honest, Zion Williamson needs to get in shape. He clearly looked bigger at media day and everything since hasn't looked good. You cant get in shape for basketball by playing basketball, you have to get in shape first to play the sport. And I believe that the frustration around Zion is because the team around him this year actually plays hard! They play defense and shoot the ball from 3 better than last year. This team just needs their all-star so they can take flight. So as we eagerly await Zion's return we will monitor his health closely.

The Pelicans' next game is against the Sacramento Kings on November 3rd.


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