Louisiana faced the Red Wolves of Arkansas State in a game meant to celebrate our men and women in uniform for Louisiana Salutes Saturday.

The Cajuns started off with a special play by kickoff specialist Thomas Leo. He kicked a knuckleball that caused a muff on the other side, forcing the Red Wolves to start inside their own 5 yard line.

The Louisiana defense would look to take advantage. They forced a 3-and-out and the Red Wolves would have to punt from their own end zone. The Cajuns would start in plus territory.

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The Cajuns offense didn't get too far, and Rhys Byrns would punt the ball away. Unfortunately, Louisiana would not benefit from the great starting field position.

The Cajuns defense went right back to work and got the ball back for the offense after just 3 plays. A great punt return by Eric Garror set up the Cajuns in good field position yet again.

An Errol Rogers fumble would give the ball back to the Red Wolves, but they would be forced to punt again.

With half of the first quarter gone, the Cajuns were looking to make the first offensive progress of the day. They did so, moving all the way into Red Wolves territory before finally stalling out. Kenny Almendares would nail his 43-yard field goal, and the Cajuns would go up 3-0 late in the first quarter.

The Cajuns defense would continue to stifle the Red Wolves, and when the Cajuns got the ball, Wooldridge would orchestrate a touchdown drive that finished off with a swing pass to Dontae Fleming.

Arkansas State would get a chance to get back into it, but not before the first quarter would end.

The Cajuns didn't give the Red Wolves an inch. The Cajuns moved a bit, but also had to punt.

On the Red Wolves next possession, they doubled their team yardage total in one play on a flea flicker that advanced them well into Louisiana territory. But the Cajuns' defense tightened up and stopped the drive in its tracks. The Red Wolves' freshman kicker Dominic Zvada put three on the board.

The Cajuns offense couldn't get much going, and the Red Wolves would get back in the driver's seat. Another long pass got Arkansas State back into Cajuns territory, and their next play would be a touchdown to Seydou Traore. However, Bralen Trahan would get in and block Zvada's PAT, maintaining Louisiana's lead if only by one point.

The Cajuns offense looked like it was going nowhere, but on fourth down, Wooldridge hit Jacob Bernard and he turned on the jets for a long touchdown.

The Cajuns defense would stop Arkansas State yet again, and it wouldn't take Wooldridge long to connect with Fleming again, torching the Wolves and extending the lead.

Arkansas State would then try to steal some points before the halftime break. Bralen Trahan had something to say about that.

The Cajuns would go into the half with a convincing lead, knowing they would be getting the ball at the beginning of the third quarter.

The Cajuns would come out of the half and impose their will. The running game started to heat up and when the Arkansas State looked like they were going to key on it, Wooldridge took the top off and hit Michael Jefferson for his fourth score of the day.

The Cajuns defense continued to do their job, forcing a sixth three-and-out from Arkansas State. The Cajuns would have a chance to put the game away. Wooldridge wouldn't miss the chance and hit Neal Johnson for a backbreaker, tying the school record for touchdown passes in a single game.

Arkansas State were looking for any chance to get some momentum. Quarterback AJ Mayer would move the ball well, but go out with an injury. Freshman Jaxon Dailey would come in to lead the squad.

The Red Wolves would continue to move the football, but the Cajuns defense wasn't about to give up a touchdown. They held and Zvada would put a few points up, but the lead would remain four scores.

Wooldridge would lead the offense out, looking to run it up and maybe break a record, but the quarter break would arrive first, and the Cajuns would go into the final frame with a strong lead.

A few plays into the fourth, Coach Desormeaux would take a timeout and relieve his starters. When the Cajuns offense came out of the timeout, it was lead by Zeon Chriss with Zylan Perry in the backfield.

They moved the ball a bit, but a long pass to the end zone missed on third down and Rhys Byrns would come out for the third time on the day. He pinned the Red Wolves within their 5 and the Cajuns defense would come out, considerably well-rested.

They did their job, as they had all day.

At this point, the game was all but over. Coach Des would let the young guns get reps, and the Red Wolves mostly did the same.

An unfortunate fumble by Zy McDonald led to a late touchdown for the Red Wolves, but it didn't mean much.

The Cajuns would salt away the remaining seconds and stack another win in the record book as they took down the Arkansas State Red Wolves in convincing fashion.

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