Louisiana, known for its vibrant culture and scenic landscapes, also features a wide variety speed limits across the state. Some sections of roadway just open themselves up to faster traffic. As we all know, you should obey posted speed limits, and we definitely don't encourage reckless driving. Here's a breakdown of the 10 fastest roadways in and near Louisiana, ranked 10-1 from the slowest to the fastest speed limits, ensuring you're well-informed for your next drive.

10. Interstate 110 (I-110)

  • Speed Limit: 60 mph
  • Location: Baton Rouge
  • Description: While slightly lower than other interstates, I-110 offers a relatively high speed limit for an urban area, facilitating quicker access to and from Baton Rouge's central business district.

9. U.S. Highway 90 (US-90)

  • Speed Limit: 65 mph
  • Location: Throughout Louisiana
  • Description: US-90 runs parallel to I-10, offering a slightly lower speed limit but still providing a fast alternative for east-west travel across the state, particularly through smaller towns and cities.

8. Louisiana Highway 1 (LA-1)

  • Speed Limit: 65 mph
  • Location: Various segments
  • Description: LA-1 runs from Grand Isle in the south to the Arkansas border, with segments of the highway allowing for speeds up to 65 mph, making it a crucial high-speed route through the state's central and northern areas.

7. Interstate 610 (I-610)

  • Speed Limit: 70 mph
  • Location: New Orleans area
  • Description: Serving as a bypass around downtown New Orleans, I-610 offers a 70 mph speed limit, allowing for rapid transit through the city's outskirts without the slowdown of urban traffic.

6. Interstate 12 (I-12)

  • Speed Limit: 70 mph
  • Location: Southeastern Louisiana
  • Description: Connecting Baton Rouge to Slidell, I-12 bypasses New Orleans and provides a high-speed corridor through the southeastern part of the state, easing traffic congestion on I-10.

5. Interstate 59 (I-59)

  • Speed Limit: 70 mph
  • Location: Near the Mississippi border
  • Description:

    4. Interstate 55 (I-55)

    • Speed Limit: 70 mph
    • Location: Southeastern Louisiana
    • Description: I-55 serves as a major north-south route, connecting New Orleans to the Mississippi border. Its 70 mph speed limit ensures a swift journey through the state's scenic southeastern region.

    3. Interstate 10 (I-10)

    • Speed Limit: 70 mph
    • Location: Throughout Louisiana
    • Description: I-10 stretches across the southern part of Louisiana, connecting cities like Baton Rouge and New Orleans. With a consistent 70 mph speed limit, it provides a fast and efficient way to traverse the state.

    2. Interstate 20 (I-20)

    • Speed Limit: 75 mph
    • Location: Western Louisiana
    • Description: Running through the northern part of Louisiana, I-20 allows drivers to travel quickly between Shreveport and the Texas border, maintaining a high-speed limit that's perfect for cross-state travel.

    1. Interstate 49 (I-49)

    • Speed Limit: 75 mph
    • Location: North of Alexandria
    • Description: I-49 offers a speedy route from Lafayette to the Arkansas border. North of Alexandria, drivers can enjoy one of the highest speed limits in the state, making it a preferred route for long-distance travel.

    Louisiana's roadways, while many times being permanently in the improvement stage, are quite scenic in parts. With several highways and interstates boasting speed limits up to 75 mph, drivers can cover ground quickly and safely. Whether navigating the northern regions via I-20 or skirting around New Orleans on I-610, understanding these speed limits ensures you make the most of your journey through the Bayou State. Always remember to drive responsibly and stick to posted speed limits to ensure safety for all road users.

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