Now, don't get ahead of me on this one people.

The Atlanta Falcons announced on Wednesday that their home stadium, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, will have a seating capacity of no more than 20,000 fans for their home games.


Ok, breathe, breathe. Yes, how is that different from any of your normal home games? The only time they play in front of a packed house is when the New Orleans Saints are in town and we have more than half the stadium in Black & Gold.

The team released a statement saying their plan is to allow at least 10,000 fans but no more than 20,000 per game at each home game.

"Mercedes-Benz Stadium's reduced capacity is in keeping with state and local requirements as well as the NFL and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) social distancing guidelines," the statement said. " ...Any future increase in capacity will be determined by the NFL with guidance from the CDC."

Oh, by the way, the Saints are scheduled to play at Atlanta on December 6 in Week 13.

Speaking of the Saints, the team hasn't released official information about capped seating for the 2020 seating.

In late May, officials with the Louisiana Stadium and Exposition District said they were working on contingency plans. Scenarios had the capacity for the Mercedes-Benz Superdome between 17% and 50% capacity.

The Superdome normally holds 75,000. With those percentages, capacity would range from 12,750 to 37,500.

The first home game for the Saints is Sunday, September 13 as the team kicks of the season against Tom Brady and the new-look Tampa Buccaneers.

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