Sometimes you have a really bad day. What matters is not that you had a bad day, but how you respond to that adversity.

If you're an MLB relief pitcher, the way to respond to adversity is probably not to break your hand punching a locker. But don't tell that to former Louisiana Tech Bulldog Phil Maton.

Maton was having a strong outing in September, sporting a 3.5 ERA for the month before getting a chance to face his brother, Nick Maton and the hot-streak-riding Phillies.

Some believe giving up a hit to his own brother was the reason for the outburst. While Maton admitted that it was a "selfish" and "short-sighted" act, his actual reason for losing a fight to an inanimate object was arguably dumber than that.

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He was worried about his stats.

Apparently Maton really wanted to get under 3.5 for ERA and giving up a few hits in that Phillies game ruined it for him.

In anger, he punched his locker and broke his hand, ending his season.

Did I forget to mention he was slated to be on the Astro's pitching rotation as they went into the playoffs ranked first in the AL, with all expectations to make the World Series?

Now he'll get to watch from home, with screws in his hand.

I can't imagine Maton's mother, who was in the stands to watch her sons play each other, is particularly pleased about that.

It's simply unimaginable. You make millions of dollars pitching in the MLB, throw a fit of rage because your fellow pro baseball player brother messed with your statline in a pointless game, and now you might even get grounded because your mom saw the whole thing.

That's tough.

Yeah, maybe when I was 14.

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