Since this time last year, the WWE has been through a whirlwind of changes, firings, re-hirings, and just overall change or turmoil depending on how you look at it. Last year around this time Vince McMahon stepped down from the WWE due to allegations of sexual misconduct and reports of McMahon paying over 12 million dollars in hush money to four women.

Well, due to the WWE having its quarterly SEC filings, on Wednesday the company reported that Federal agents issued and executed a search warrant on McMahon. The Feds also hit McMahon with a federal grand jury subpoena.

Vince McMahon has given a statement claiming his innocence and that the federal agents will not find anything during their investigation. WWE's CEO Nick Khan also stated that the WWE is fully cooperative in the government's investigation but he wouldn't comment any further.

The results of this investigation, when the government is finished, will be interesting. Will the results lead to McMahon being terminated from WWE, potentially jail time, or will it affect the finalization of the WWE's sale to Endeavor? As of now, McMahon is on leave from WWE due to major spinal surgery; however, he still remains the Executive Chairman of WWE.


Quite frankly unless McMahon is in jail or dies he will remain the WWE's Executive Chairman. One would've believed that after the sale of the company to Endeavor McMahon would've retired and left the duties of running the company to Stephanie Mchamon and Paul "Triple H" Levesque. But after the company went on to do better across the board with ticket sales, merch sales, and tv ratings when Vince McMahon initially left Mchamon didn't take that well. Thus forced his way back into the company. Resulting in Stephanie McMahon leaving the company entirely. The hierarchy in the WWE reminds me of the HBO show Succession. And as more continues to happen we see the struggle of power continue.

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