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Within the NBA bubble in Orlando, FL players are trying to avoid the temptation of ordering out food, attempting to stay healthy and keep themselves entertained outside of basketball activities.

New Orleans Pelicans veteran shooting guard JJ Redick has seemed to start a trend with the NBA players around the bubble in shooting a beer.

In case you've never shotgunned a beverage before what you do is poke a hole in the side of said beverage can while holding it on its side so it doesn't spill out and then as you go to drink out of the hole you turn the beverage upright and pop the top. The popping of the top will act as a funneling system so the liquid will come out more rapidly through the hole. The goal is to finish the beer as quickly as possible.

Here's JJ Redick showing off his multitasking skills while in the bubble as he's not only shotgunning but he's also icing after practice in a blowup pool via Twitter:

Not a bad showing JJ, not a bad showing.

This has started a trend or even a challenge among the players in the bubble because on Thursday Utah Jazz guard Jordan Clarkson posted this video on his Twitter account of him and a teammate following suit:

At least the guys in the bubble are staying occupied with something. As always make sure you drink or shotgun responsibility and never drink and drive.


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