Firsts are always special. First kiss, first car, first impressions...the list goes on. For Coastal Carolina, this is a first, and it's a feeling they want to get used to.

The Chanticleers won their first ever College World Series, securing a National Championship for their players, coaches and fans. It's a moment none of them will ever forget, and thanks to the power of the internet, they can watch the magical ending over and over again.

Few people ever get to make a dog pile on the sacred grass in Omaha. Some of them will probably save their grass-stained jerseys for the rest of their lives.

Coastal Carolina Head Coach Gary Gilmore was a mess. While his players formed their dog pile, he sobbed uncontrollably. Men like Gilmore dream of leading their teams to a championships their entire lives, but few get to experience the rush.

Gilmore tried to put his emotions into words minutes after the biggest moment of his life.

This championship is bigger than Gilmore, his players, and this year's squad. There are fans and former players that enjoyed their win vicariously, who waited years for the experience too.

There's only one Chanticleer on an active MLB roster. His name is Taylor Motter, and he plays for the Tampa Bay Rays.

Motter had a game to prepare for himself, but he made sure to catch the final out. As soon as he saw the strikeout, he made sure everybody knew he was a proud Chanticleer.

After he calmed down, he took to Twitter to call his fellow Coastal brothers grinders, a fitting label for a team that survived all the tests the game of baseball threw their way.

There will be more celebration off camera, and it will go on for days. The memories will last for years, but this is just their first taste.

Like I said, firsts are always the best...but Coastal doesn't want this first to be their last.

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