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New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees took to Instagram once this morning where he penned a very lengthy apology to the black community and his black teammates (Brees Issues Apology). He stated that his initial comments regarding kneeling for the flag and giving his perspective on racial injustice in this country lacked empathy.

He can't take back those words and some, like former NFL cornerback Eric Davis, said he doesn't even think he should have tried to walk back his comments and apologize for them (listen to the ED interview). Davis believes he should stand in his truth and explain exactly why he feels that way and with the apology he finds it confusing as to where exactly Brees stands now.

Personally, I believe the apology was necessary if in fact he truly believes he was wrong and not just apologizing to save face after social media torched him Wednesday. I believe Drew Brees is an outstanding person, a terrific football player, and has done a ton for the great city of New Orleans.

His initial comments did lack empathy and I truly hope he means every word he's putting out there as an apology and will use this as a moment in his life to learn and grow.

Thursday night he took back to Instagram to add to his apology via video form this time because as he says, "I want you to see in my eyes how sorry I am,"

Actions will speak louder than words, let's see how his actions speak moving forward because as we know everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Be kind. Stand united. Enough is enough.


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