Former New Orleans Saints running back, Adrian Peterson has been signed to a one year contract by the Washington Redskins on Monday. This move is to help replace the loss of rookie running back Derrius Guice who torn his ACL in the teams first preseason game.

This is all according to Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network:

Some milestones well within reach for the 33 year old running back who is still looking to prove he's got some tread left on his tires and one Redskins OL says he hasn't lost it yet.. Trent Williams was quoted as saying,

“I don’t understand the stigma when people get 31, 32, 33 — they somehow just slow down?” Williams said. “You don’t. That’s a gifted athlete, you know? He has a gift. Did Darrell Green ever lose his speed? He didn’t. Some things are just always with you. It’s you, it’s your makeup, it’s your DNA. … So, no, he’s the same athlete that you’re used to seeing.

“He hasn’t slowed down a step.”


For the Arizona Cardinals last season, Peterson played in six games and had two performances where he rushed for over 130 yards. In total he carried the ball 129 times for 448 yards and two touchdowns..


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