The world of college football has been absolutely crazy this past year with multiple conferences seeing some major changes. The SEC and the Big 12 were the first two conferences to get some new faces as Texas and Oklahoma chose to leave the Big 12 and Join the SEC by 2024.

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This left the Big 12, which only had ten teams in the conference before the move, with only eight. This wouldn't last for long as the conference would add Cincinnati, UCF, and Houston from the American conference, and later BYU who was previously independent.


The Sunbelt conference would add four more teams of their own with James Madison, Southern Miss, Rice, and Old Dominion all Joining by 2023. The Only Conferences that looked to remain untouched were the ACC and the Pac 12, but all that is about to change.

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UCLA and USC have just announced that they plan to leave the Pac 12 and join the Big Ten by as early as 2024. The move has not been made official by the higher powers of the conference just yet, but this drastically changes the college football landscape.

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With the move, the Big Ten would Join the SEC and the ACC as the third 14 team conference. With the countries most prestigious and well known football teams gathered into just three conferences, many around college athletics are seeing this as the rise of the super conference and the down fall of the power five.

So what does this move mean for the Big Ten and Pac 12?

2021 Big Ten Championship - Iowa v Michigan
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The Big Ten gets even stronger as they add two California powerhouses to a conference that already features mar-key football schools like Ohio State, Michigan, and Wisconsin. The Pac 12 gets weaker as it now drops down to 10 teams, which help the conferences chances of breaking it's five year College Football Playoff drought.

Lincoln Riley, USC's new head coach, caught a lot heat from college football fans saying that Riley left Oklahoma because he was afraid to play in a tough conference like the SEC. With USC now on its way to the Big Ten, Coach Riley will get a chance to prove the haters wrong, or right.

USC Introduce Lincoln Riley
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How do you feel about the chaos that has been going on within the conferences and do you think it's good for college football?

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