Oh, this is so good.

If you watched the ESPN documentary "The Last Dance" on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls you may have seen in one of the final episodes Jordan jamming out to something in his headphones while on the team bus.

He said it was an album that hadn't been released yet, but that hasn't stopped Twitter users from adding their own twist to what #23 may have been listening to prior to an NBA Finals game in Salt Lake City.

Many of the songs edited or added into the video by Twitter users should be classified as songs Jordan would NEVER listen to, thus that's what makes some of these videos so good.

I ask, do you think any of these songs would have motivated Michael Jordan back in the day, if they existed then? Ok, I know the answer to that.

In any case, enjoy some of the edits down below and be sure to have the volume turned to the maximum for the best experience.

Let's roll.

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