It doesn't get much better than this.

Watch as Tampa Bay Bucs Quarterback Tom Brady takes time to meet up with Drew Brees and his family on the field of the Superdome after their NFL playoff game.

The Bucs defeated the Saints Sunday evening to end their 2020-21 season for the Saints, but the big question in New Orleans is, will Drew Brees now retire from the game?

A FOX insider announced prior to the game on Sunday that this would be Drew's last season on the field, thus that is why the loss in New Orleans was so emotional for many in the 'Who Dat Nation'.

Here are a few videos of Brady and Brees coming together one more time on the field after the game and by the looks of it, Brees' kids cherished this moment.

Heck, of the Brees boys even had Brady toss him a touchdown pass prior to Brady exiting the filed in the dome! That's something he'll never forget.

What a moment for two of the greatest to ever play this game.

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