A New Orleans Saints fan went LIVE on Facebook to express his displeasure with the Saints Quarterback Drew Brees.

Several professional athletes have been vocal against Bress after he said in an interview that players should stand for the National Anthem prior to NFL games.

Brees said that it's a matter of respecting the flag, and that's where the debate all started for many on social media.

A number of Brees' teammates have elected to unfollow their team leader on social media and others have found a way to "call out" the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

Now, we have a fan burning his Brees jersey on Facebook, while noting that "Black Lives Matter." The man in the video also says that Drew should "educate himself" on why players elect to kneel prior to the Anthem.

The Saints fan also says that he will never wear another Brees jersey or shirt again.

Here is the video and you can comment on the situation if you like in the comments below.

An ESPN reporter did say early Wednesday evening that a team meeting is scheduled for the Saints to address any issue(s) "in-house."


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