Do you have kids? Do your kids have too much energy?

If you answered yes to both those questions, then perhaps you'll want to plan a trip to New Orleans the weekend of April 21-23 to check out Big Bounce America.

The Big Bounce America
The Big Bounce America

That's the company that is bringing "The World's Largest Bounce House" to the University of New Orleans for three days of bouncing fun.

There will be four massive attractions at the event. Those bounce houses include:

  • World's Largest Bounce House
  • Sport Slam
  • The Giant
  • AirSPACE

How big is the "World's Largest Bounce House?"

This big boy is a total of 16,000 square feet and stands 32 feet tall. It includes ball pits, slides, and a climbing tower.

What about the other three bounce houses?

The newly added Sport Slam features a customized sports arena filled with goals, nets, hoops, and different ball styles.

The Giant is built for aspiring ninja warriors and is over 900 feet long. It features 50 different obstacles.

And airSPACE is a unique, out-of-this-world wonderland filled with friends from outer space, spaceships moon craters, and a 5-lane slide.

How do we get tickets?

Tickets are available online here. "The World's Biggest Bounce House" has dedicated time slots while the other three attractions have unlimited access.

There are different sessions available:

  • Toddler - All ages 3 & younger
  • Junior - All ages 7 & younger
  • Bigger Kids - All ages 15 & younger
  • Adults Only - All ages 16 & older

Adults who are just going with their kids and not participating do not have to pay an admission fee.

The Big Bounce America, Facebook
The Big Bounce America, Facebook

To get more of your questions answered, visit the FAQ section of the website here.

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